5 Steps To Create A Culture Of Rapid Experimentation

Enterprise Custom Solution With SuperMetrics.com Together With Microsoft Office 365
Enterprise Custom Solution With SuperMetrics.com Together With Microsoft Office 365. Screenshot from Microsoft Office Store.

Is your business using Microsoft Officer 365 and you want to aggregate and analyze all your growth activities from all platforms, user interfaces and tools? – read these 5 steps to guide your experimentation.

I guess you’re interested in revenue optimization, growth marketing, customer experience, data science or data mining?

If I’m right, then this can be helpful for you – a custom solution for your employer with SuperMetrics for excel, spreadsheets, and Google Data studio that you can use with Microsoft Office 365 – how about that?

Step 1: Evaluate A Enterprise Custom Solution With SuperMetrics.com

To start off with what could be the biggest tip in this article that I personally find very helpful is that you should look at getting an enterprise custom solution with SuperMetrics.com if you or your employer is using Microsoft Office 365.

How To Use The Enterprise Custom Solution with SuperMetrics.com

You can use this as add in to excel or spreadsheets for your work with; data-driven customer journeys, growth loops, sales funnels, combine it with backend / front end performance checklists measurements, A/B tests, multivariate and redirects testing (test your ideas, hypothesis and design), data mining and data science for marketing and revenue purposes and much more. You get templates that you can use directly with trending data, PPC, analytics, social networks and you can use custom also. It is an easy-to-use yet powerful add-on that gets your business metrics into excel or Google sheets.

Video of Supermetrics.com for excel if you use MS 365!

It can help you scale your backlog of ideas and testing with BRASS, PIE, ICE scorecards and help your team learn faster and act on growth opportunities in a more structured and faster way.

How To Get The SuperMetrics.com Add In

If you work for an enterprise company with Microsoft Office 365 you can talk to your IT, Marketing and Support team and they will help you with the account and set up inside the MS 365 cloud with you as a user. You will then be added by the support team so you can have it in your 365 solution – really helpful, effective and overall nice!

Why You Need This In Your Marketing, UX/UI, Design And Developer Team

If you have been working with digital marketing and growth hacking for a while then you know how difficult it can be to create team alignment against a common objective. SuperMetric will help you understand and create ideas If you collaborate with a team that maybe exist of a Growth Master, full stack developer, full stack marketeer, web designer, UX/UI and web analytics or data science that work together against a NorthStar Metric. If you want to integrate with this example together with the Northstar Software then you can add Kissmetrics to your martech stack but Kissmetrics doesn’t exist at the moment in Office Store. I can mention a few ways that I find this helpful:

  • Analytics audits – what do you need to prioritize for better data hygiene and data quality
  • Customer journey mapping – where you should focus your work and where all the negative touchpoint are
  • Media plans – see where, when and how to create attraction, engagement, and conversion
  • Prioritization frameworks for high tempo testing – to support activities within acquisition, activation, retention, referral or revenue that increases the results of the objective.

Data Is Fuel, The Growth Objectives Is The Fire, The Process Is The Speed To Growth

Get a demo with Sean Ellis team on how teams collaborate smarter with growth efforts

Step 2: GoToMeeting

Have you been googling about how to get GoToMeeting in Your Microsoft Office 365 Solution? Or you want to do it now –  look no further for this one – check out here!

Watch video here https://youtu.be/ViWzYFjxPdgGoTo

Step 3: Microsoft Teams

Use Teams for managing your meetings, calls, etc in your channels with Teams – check it out here!

Watch video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8krAMdGvCQ&feature=youtu.be

Step 4: Turn Data Into A Picture

If your team uses Powerpoint internally to other stakeholders then you might want to transform cold data into a cool picture? Use this as your add-in – check it out here!

Watch video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yB7-HI5qQcs&feature=youtu.be

Step 5: Get Facebook Ads Manager For Excel – FAME

Are you doing a lot of Facebook marketing? Then this can help you – check it out here!

Sorry – I couldn’t find any good video so I have to come back to this questions some time with a video!


Check out the pricing and contact SuperMetric here!

Read more about how this could be your ultimate tool for automated marketing reporting in excel with Microsoft Office 365

Read more about how to get this for excel here!

General information about installing Add Ins in Office programs

P.S! Don’t forget that you can always ask for help. Stay current and always do audits and start with problem solution mapping then create your ideas, hypothesis, solutions, analysis and document you learnings. Try to use tools like Google Optimize, Optimizely (or another client side/server side testing tools) and increase learning velocity and the possibility to learn and act on your data to increase online growth potential in a structured and meaningful way. Remember that revenue optimization, sales, and marketing activities and customer experience goes hand in hand 

Let me know if you found this helpful – or let me know if you have any smart tips!

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