Contact Me

A friendly call! No hard-selling, promise – together we assess your current state with a 15-30-60 min call.

Le’s try to get a feeling for your growth challenges!

You can schedule a call – open my calendar!

Marketing opportunities analysis

If we are a good fit, a Team for your company will be assembled. They will run your data and create a Growth Roadmap full of strategies and tactics – we call it stractics because of the tempo we test in! We will run a backlog to maximize all the growth opportunities we see for growth and the specific KPI’s.

Stractics Discussion

We implement specific, short-term and long-term, scalable digital marketing goals that will support the brand and the sales profits development for the next 3-5 years, if you live by it. We will always prioritize for maximum impact.


We’ll roll out a full Growth Implementation plan with focus on a tactical implementation, setting up scalable growth opportunities and free up some time from other high impact business areas – why wait!

Learn & Improve

We will always go from idea – hypothesis – solution – deploy – analytics – learning. We will always scale what works and kill what doesn’t for maximum business value. We add more ideas to the backlogg and maximize the number of test and experiments we can do to maximize your business bottom line.

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