How many leads do you need to reach your revenue target?

Are you trying to capture as many B2B leads as possible with your lead generation? Do you have a clear understanding of how many leads you really need? One trick is that you can start with your annual revenue target. Based on your annual revenue target, we can then work backwards to find out how many leads you need in each sales phase/cycle to achieve your goals. The math is simple:

Step 1:

Divide your annual revenue target by your average selling price/order value. Then you will find out how many opportunities (opportunities) you have to win/close to achieve your revenue goal. (Enter this figure in the higher part of the funnel)

Step 2:

Enter your conversion rate in the left of the funnel, based on your historical average.

Step 3:

Now you can work your way up from the bottom of the tunnel, figure out the number of leads you need in each step based on the conversion rate. Enter these numbers to the left.

Here is an example:

SEK 250,000 (your revenue target) divided into SEK 5,000 (your average order value) = 50 won deals.

If you need help in defining the quantity and conversion rates that you have in the different steps, I will help you!

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