How To Do Lead Generation With Digital Marketing

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Lead generation is all about providing value to the market audiences that converts and improves customer lifetime value. I’ll give you a short and distilled version so you can start immediately with lead generation.

Grow your leads with lead generation

Lead generation needs a sales funnel and a sales process in place. This will help you grow your lead generation strategy and sell more to your existing leads. You will sell more if you create a set up with up-sell, cross-sell or behavior-based sell. If you include this in your lead generation you will increase the value per customer or user. The work you do with lead generation is based on product/-market fit. Regardless if you are a market-centric company or a product-centric company. You need to figure out how your brand can provide value with your content model to your avatars (persona, buyer profiles, ideal customers). Your offer needs a top of the class structure in front end and backend together with your KPI:s and metrics. This means you need high-value content offers, analytics, and creative material for maximum competitiveness so you can start competing when you distribute across platforms. Remember that you are testing, testing and testing and documenting your learnings and someday you´ll find a silver bullet if your lucky and structured.

7 effective and efficient tips to guide your work forward:

  1. Do you know your revenue target and how many leads you need to get there?
  2. Do you have a working sales funnel today? Check if you have high numbers of pageviews or content views on your product/-service pages but extremely low conversion with Add to Cart or Leads that counts as Sign-ups, Downloads or Contacts because if you do, then you have a problem with the landing page and the offer.
  3. What is your weekly or monthly traffic, conversion rate and value per conversion? If you know these metrics then you can anticipate the ROI of marketing services
  4. Make your marketing analytics work with your Analytics tracking software, reporting software, Google Ads, Facebook pixels and other social media to maximize information and possibilities with paid advertising.
  5. Document your learnings from your tests (idea, hypothesis, solution, deploy, analysis and learnings).
  6. Think of 3 things you want to test every week and execute the ideas. Remember to document the learnings.
  7. Get the team on a learning path with education in Google, Facebook, Conversion UX, Outbound and Inbound Marketing. Many resources are free. If you pay for education the ROI of a common and codified language is priceless.

Good luck and let me know how I can help if you struggle in some area.

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