How To Overcome Facebook Ad Fatigue

Are you seeing Facebook ad fatigue or that your audiences are drying up? Is your CPA increasing or maybe sales are stopping – then it´s likely your Facebook pixel is getting weaker because of bad data, but fear no more

How To Fix Facebook Ad Fatigue

User experience and user interfaces are combined with consumer and user insights in the actual action that you can fire as a custom event from your websites forms, buttons, links, viewability, product image, gallery, webpages or landing pages, etc.

If you analyze the users and extract consumers insights with great tracking and analytics you can interpret these signals and information to stay relevant and relevance is key.

Structure and test ideas and creative assets to overcome Facebook Ad Fatigue

Off course, if you do this and you still see bad CPAs you should get a grip over how you can hack your structure and test your ad ideas and creative assets.

Improve your digital marketing stack to overcome Facebook Ad Fatigue

If you have worked your way up the digital marketing stack and you have a good infrastructure, analytics, content, and your channels in order with paid, owned and earned then you are in a good position. Nothing works without the other inside the digital marketing stack.

Track inline actions and Facebook events to overcome Facebook Ad Fatigue

When you can capture that data and analyze a user’s interactions then we can fix this problem by tracking inline actions instead of page loads on your landing page. I know a lot of people that would like to understand that pixel event data to improve and experiment for growth so please share your work and information with others in your team and new ideas will emerge.

Somewhere around 20% of cold traffic (even from LLAs – lookalike audiences) that visits your landing pages could be from click farms (Facebook is included as an ad network) or similar and this will weaken your pixel event called “ViewContent” which fires on page load.

Don´t build your audiences off a pixel event called “ViewContent” at the top of your funnel. Instead, you can track and use a custom “page scroll” or “button click” action or you could be wasting ad budget in re-targeting and if you do this you will optimize your CRO budget (if you have one) into spending less money.

What Happens If We Delay Our Facebook Pixel

Use a pixel delay of 15-seconds to improve your CPMs, CPCs, ROAs. Facebook will then only optimize for good traffic and people that actually engage with your website. You can create a custom audience of page viewers that leave before the time limit you set and you can call them “page bouncers” and create a lookalike audience of them and exclude this lookalike audience from your cold traffic campaigns.

Note: this tactic requires that you have as an example 5000 visitors per week and 1% conversion rate so you get 50+ conversions per week. If you have problems reaching 50+ conversion you can use a different custom event higher up in your funnel for optimization with the Facebook Pixel and also with your Google Marketing Solutions.

There is a chance that your ads in your reporting are boosted but it´s actually better than what meets the eye. If you don’t know that your ads can be clicked by click-farms as mentioned above, click-happy people (people that click on anything and like thousands of pages or more), bouncers, bots, scrapers, and the list can continue – then I just told you. What they all have in common is that they eat your budget and waste your money and they never buy anything or become a lead and they boost reporting.

Go to your Facebook Business Manager and visit the Events Manager and then follow the instructions to install your own Facebook pixel and you can find Facebooks guide here!

How To Modify And Delay The Facebook Pixel

Here is what you need to add to the pixel code and what it would look like:


}, 15000);

<!-- Facebook Pixel Code -->
  s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window, document,'script',
  fbq('init', '1234567890');
  fbq('track', 'PageView');
}, 15000);
<noscript><img height="1" width="1" style="display:none"
<!-- End Facebook Pixel Code -->

If you do this you will give the Facebook pixel and your ad account the data on the type of person that is most likely to bounce and automatically exclude them. This can help you could save around 20% or more of your ad budget if you are spending over 6 figures.

Remember that in the end, you are learning the ad account and not the pixel because you can have many pixels, etc.

What To Expect From Modifying And Delaying The Facebook Pixel

  • Bounce rate will drop
  • Use your ad spend on better traffic
  • Conversion rates will go up and ROAs will also increase
  • CTR increase, CPC decrease, ROAs increase
  • Engagement increase, CPM decrease, ROAs increase

This tactic can also be applied and modified for Google Ads!

Best of luck

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