The 2020 Growth DIET Framework

The 2020 Growth Diet Framework
The 2020 Growth Diet Framework

This is a new years resolution recipe packaged as a How-to diet suitable for the nonconformist that shakes new beliefs in the organization. Why not start the new year by being the change, be the growth with the growth diet framework as your New Years resolution. The growth diet framework will help your team change the organizational perspective into a series of holistic growth efforts guided by a Northstar metric. The growth diet framework will give you structure and together with some luck your chances of reaching your Northstar metric will increase. Have a growth experiment program before your competition does and start with a growth diet framework with these 4 ingredients;


Have your measurement plan and tracking in place and aligned with the tests. Collect data and use the right kpi’s for specific channel analytics, marketing analytics, app analytics, sales analytics, e-commerce analytics or web analytics and attribution.


Ideation is key. You need to collect ideas from all disciplines and functions inside and outside of your company and not only from the growth marketing team. A growth marketing team is according to the State of Growth report consisting of between 1-5 people at the moment. That’s why you need to be aware of the importance to go outside of the growth marketing teams perspective to collect valuable ideas that can reduce friction and increase sales.

Experiment design

Design your idea that your team has considered to be the most valuable from the idea backlog and deploy the test.


When your test is live and running you should use the data from the test and document your learnings. Try to scale the tempo of the deployment and iterate as many test as possible.

The growth diet framework effects

If you develop a mindset and workflow over time with this growth diet framework you have the chance to see many efficiencys and effects to the company DNA;

  • The team will probably increase your share of voice in the market
  • Reduced churn and increased revenue
  • An increase in mental presence with your target groups
  • A better balance between brand and tactical campaigns
  • An increase in customer base
  • A greater usefulness of emotions in your testing
  • A unified vision and purpose with a northstar metric
  • No more closed doors with an actionable strategy and better guidance to empower employees and direct employees.
  • You will have to use flexible resources and not fixed resources which can get rid of a lot of bureaucracy.
  • Silos of disconnected people and narrow tasks will be more holistic and growth centric.
  • Everyone will understand who’s accountable and the team will have shared standards.
  • Faster cycles with fewer people that needs to approve and therefore less roadblocks. A higher level of freedom and understanding to execute.
  • When manual workflows are the norm the technology immaturity will decrease with automation.
  • There a lot of interesting soft values that happens to people such as increased trust, imagination, self-esteem, freedom, recognition and much more positive things.

I’ll leave you with these recipes to think about what would happen if you did 3 test during 21 weeks for one year? Good luck and let me know how I can assist on your journey.

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