What Does It Mean To Be A Data-Driven Organization

Growth hacking is a holistic team effort
Growth hacking is a holistic team effort

I have always liked that data-driven refers to a process or activity that is based on data. Instead of only being based on peoples intuition, opinions or personal experience. I will always apply evidence-based thinking that eliminates speculation or gut feeling. What is your experience with being data-driven?

To Be Data-Driven

The way I see It is that being data-driven you should learn as much as possible (data sources, analytics, UX research) about your users in the shortest amount of time (process) with as big precision (A/B test, multivariate tests, redirect test, user research, analytics) as possible. And then use that to affect them into doing what we want them to do (KPI:s, marketing, design, functions) and/or help them to simply achieve (UX/CX, design, function) what they want.

How To Summerize Being Data-driven

Learn fast with precision and affect the target group or let them achieve the goal.

Motivation to start

If you want to get started you can always make sure that you know your revenue targets. This will probably motivate the team to get started if you do that task together.

I hope you found this helpful!

Need help in becoming more data-driven?

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