What Is A Content Model Framework And How To Make It Work

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A content model is your way of executing content marketing and creating more relevant visibility in your market. Your content model framework will increase lead generation and customer lifetime value. You will be able to make your own content model framework froms this article and communicate it to your team, freelancers or consultants. This will help you optimize your time, money and resources in alignment with marketing and business goals. Your team will be much more efficient and effective when your content model framework is in place.

A content model framework that creates efficient and effective team output

Your team of individuals has a better change of understanding how to research, document, create, repurpose, distribute, listen to audiences, create micro-content and distribute your content model like a well-oiled machine. In this article you and me will explore one content model framework that you can try and use as for your business.

Document Pillar Content To The Content Model Framework

Your pillar content can be something like documentation of your day or your different characters in your business or maybe stories created with your customers or clients that you create in a vlog. Every piece you create has a script that you try to follow so it´s packed with as much knowledge as possible for your audience with Why, What, Who and How (without them feeling the script off-course). You structure your content model so everything is surrounding one piece of “pillar content”. Every SEO / Content / Online Marketeer or Analytics-individual know what a “Topic Cluster” is. It´s where you find your most important topic “digital marketeer” and then you create a cluster around your topic with SEO, Content, Facebook, Analytics and so on based on your keyword research surrounding that topic. All your content efforts are then created around this topic and I mean every piece of asset put into marketing should include this topic/-keyword. It´s not every practitioner that knows but I see this working everywhere – information sells more than trying to sell up-front. Providing value and figure out what is valuable to your market is key and this has been known since the brand Merrel Lynch started with value-based marketing in the New York Times in the 1930s. Why is it so hard to remember this for KPI driven C/-M-suites?

Repurpose The Pillar Content Into Micro-Content

When you have created your first piece of pillar content you analyze it as much as possible together with your resources and repurpose the best bits into as many content pieces as possible so it over-index on the platforms it is distributed to.

When you have analyzed your long-form video/-audio it´s time to make your micro-content that´s created from this piece of long-form content. Further down the road when you execute on your framework and distribution is going on that is when you should start listening to what your audiences are saying/-feeling and create new micro-content that you think will resonate with them.

When you analyzed you are ready to create as many short-form pieces of content as possible and short-form is articles, memes, quotes, stories, images, mashups, remixes, GIFs, etc.

Distribute The Content Across Social Media

You are now ready for distribution on social media. Pick the most relevant platforms that you have selected and created content for (according to the platforms media specifics, don´t miss this detail so you have to remake content to fit the platform.

If you think the content part is heavy, it´s only 20% of your time because you should be putting 80% of your time into the distribution of the content.

Distribute Your Pillar Content

Take your pillar content and publish it to your owned channels, Facebook pages, podd/-s, Youtube channel/-s + IGTV. Do this at lunchtime!

Then publish your micro-content to Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter (as many platforms and touchpoints as your research are indicating that you have a market on). Publish articles to Quora, blogs, Medium, emails, and Linkedin. Don´t wait for this, do this one minute after the pillar content is published. Do this one minute after you published your pillar content.

The purpose of your micro-content is to draw eyeballs and attention to your pillar content as well as downloads of your information or podcast etc. Don´t forget, a way with words is a relevant skill or add software that can help you and then test, test and test words and content pieces that resonates with the market and the audience feels. Remember that it´s humans!

Listen For Insights

When your content has been published you need to monitor the engagement down to micro and macro conversions but look for insights that tell you something about what they are thinking, saying or doing in your key comments (remember that a small hack could be to ask your audience for comments with timestamps that tells you what they liked).

Community Driven Micro Content

When you have listened for insights you should try to come up with new ideas and hypothesis. These ideas will then become your community, market or audience-driven content pieces that you create from these micro-content learnings and insights.

Distribute Community-Driven Content

When you have created your community-driven content you should distribute them to all social platforms and keep listening and working on your next pillar content.

Create Better Looking Content

If you need inspiration on what tools to use to create your content or you need a content planning brief template then you can check out Facebooks resources and explore what Facebook is recommending. I highly recommend you check it out!

I hope you find this content model framework useful for your business to execute within your organizational set up. A digital marketing stack exist of a well put together infrastructure, analytics, content and paid, owned and earned media so if one area falls short, your not likely to succeed as well, if even succeed.

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