Who I Am

Andreas Cederblad

I am a 35 years old man living in southern Sweden with my wife, 6 years old daughter, our newborn daughter, and our Australien Jack Russel.

I always think about education and the values I bring in life and business. Today I combine theory and knowledge with the sum of my experiences (data-driven experiences). I’m lucky to be surrounded by incredible people that I can share and acquire new learnings with together. I have become a cross-functional and multidisciplinary digital strategist and tactician that focuses on continuous learning and improvement. As a Growth Marketing Professional, I have focused on the processes and improving soft skills and qualitative and quantitative research.

I care a lot about the values and tools that I bring to and beyond the 4th industrial revolution and I’m always pursuing the culture, leaders, expert learners, and environments that bends the curve with knowledge.

When people are pioneers the answers are not always written ahead of the curve and I have been fortunate to be working with pioneers that inspire me to understand the value of taking an arrow or two in the back.

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  • Proad Sweden AB
  • HD-Sydsvenskan / Bonnier (Expressen, Di, DN etc)
  • Resultify AB
  • NE Sweden AB – Marketing Manager / Innovation Manager
  • Maverick by Sigma (part of Sigma ITC)
  • Co-founder of Ngine Group AB
  • Founder of Growth Masters


  • Polhem Lund
  • Swedish Special Counter SOF unit
  • Learning Miles (HD-Sydsvenskan/Bonnier) / Executing the collaboration program with Learning Miles
  • Market Motive / Digital marketing
    (Email, social, SEO, SEM, Web analytics Google Analytics Qualified individual, Conversion Optimization (conversion UX), Mobile Marketing, Display, Remarketing, Programmatic, Inbound, Outbound, Smartbound, Webmaster and much more.)
  • Service Design (InUse)
  • AIAR
  • Google Academy For Ads
  • HubSpot Academy
  • Facebook Blueprint
  • Growth Master – Growth University From Growth hackers


Lunds Executive Foundation – Leadership & Organization

Theme 1:

  • Leadership in Organizations
  • Leadership Theories
  • Working as a manager – balancing things
  • The relationship between acting as a manager and leader
  • How to lead teams and larger organizations

Theme 2:

  • Project Management
  • Project management and project management
  • How to develop an organization that makes the best growing ground for your projects
  • Accessibility equipment for project management
  • Building the project team

Theme 3:

  • Strategic Management
  • Strategy development
  • The relationship between strategy, organization, and leadership
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Development of an organizational structure and a suitable leadership for the chosen path


Lunds Executive Foundation – Business Knowledge

Central themes

  • The company and its environment
  • Marketing
  • Calculation
  • Business Accounting
  • Organization and management
  • Financing
  • Business analysis
  • Strategy and management
  • Conclusion
  • MBA
  • Organization Consultant

What drives me?

My top five inner strengths according to a Gallup “Strengtfinder” test is as follow: Activator, Achiever, Competition, Arranger, Ideation.

A customer-centric, extraprenurial type (I´ve been classified by anthropologists), I think the profile is much like how they used to classify a Customer Chief Officer (maybe society also uses the term “Digital Experience Manager” sometimes).

What is my thoughts and expectations on leadership and workspace?

It´s a place where they understand the importance of communications and the ability to communicate from the ”bottom-up”.

  • Do we communicate the VISION (what do we want to do, does our users/customers want it).
  • Do they have an UNDERSTANDING through the organization (what should we focus on, who should care about this).
  • Do they have a healthy APPROACH (How can we make money, what can we do with good profitability)
  • Is the company/team communicating WHY in a way so that everybody is on-board and if the workforce accepts your WHY I believe that the company/team gets it back in ROI.


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