Who I Am

Andreas Cederblad

I am a 35 years old man living in southern Sweden with my wife, 6 years old daughter, our newborn daughter, and our Australien Jack Russel.

I always think about education and the values I bring in life and business. Today I combine theory and knowledge with the sum of my experiences (data-driven experiences). I’m lucky to be surrounded by incredible people that I can share and acquire new learnings with together. I have become a cross-functional and multidisciplinary digital strategist and tactician that focuses on continuous learning and improvement. As a Growth Marketing Professional, I have focused on the processes and improving soft skills and qualitative and quantitative research.

I care a lot about the values and tools that I bring to and beyond the 4th industrial revolution and I´m always pursuing the culture, leaders, expert learners and environments that bends the curve with knowledge.

When people are pioneers the answers are not always written ahead of the curve and I have been fortunate to be working with pioneers that inspire me to understand the value of taking an arrow or two in the back.

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  • Proad Sweden AB
  • HD-Sydsvenskan / Bonnier (Expressen, Di, DN etc)
  • Resultify AB
  • NE Sweden AB – Marketing Manager / Innovation Manager
  • Maverick by Sigma (part of Sigma ITC)
  • Co-founder of Ngine Group AB
  • Founder of Growth Masters


  • Polhem Lund
  • Swedish Special Counter SOF unit
  • Learning Miles (HD-Sydsvenskan/Bonnier) / Executing the collaboration program with Learning Miles
  • Market Motive / Digital marketing
    (Email, social, SEO, SEM, Web analytics Google Analytics Qualified individual, Conversion Optimization (conversion UX), Mobile Marketing, Display, Remarketing, Programmatic, Inbound, Outbound, Smartbound, Webmaster and much more.)
  • Service Design (InUse)
  • AIAR
  • Google Academy For Ads
  • HubSpot Academy
  • Facebook Blueprint
  • Growth Master – Growth University From Growth hackers


Lunds Executive Foundation – Leadership & Organization

Theme 1:

  • Leadership in Organizations
  • Leadership Theories
  • Working as a manager – balancing things
  • The relationship between acting as a manager and leader
  • How to lead teams and larger organizations

Theme 2:

  • Project Management
  • Project management and project management
  • How to develop an organization that makes the best growing ground for your projects
  • Accessibility equipment for project management
  • Building the project team

Theme 3:

  • Strategic Management
  • Strategy development
  • The relationship between strategy, organization, and leadership
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Development of an organizational structure and a suitable leadership for the chosen path


Lunds Executive Foundation – Business Knowledge

Central themes

  • The company and its environment
  • Marketing
  • Calculation
  • Business Accounting
  • Organization and management
  • Financing
  • Business analysis
  • Strategy and management
  • Conclusion
  • MBA
  • Organization Consultant

What drives me?

My top five inner strengths according to a Gallup “Strengtfinder” test is as follow: Activator, Achiever, Competition, Arranger, Ideation.

A customer-centric, extraprenurial type (I´ve been classified by anthropologists), I think the profile is much like how they used to classify a Customer Chief Officer (maybe society also uses the term “Digital Experience Manager” sometimes).

What is my thoughts and expectations on leadership and workspace?

It´s a place where they understand the importance of communications and the ability to communicate from the ”bottom-up”.

  • Do we communicate the VISION (what do we want to do, does our users/customers want it).
  • Do they have an UNDERSTANDING through the organization (what should we focus on, who should care about this).
  • Do they have a healthy APPROACH (How can we make money, what can we do with good profitability)
  • Is the company/team communicating WHY in a way so that everybody is on-board and if the workforce accepts your WHY I believe that the company/team gets it back in ROI.


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